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     The Academy of Cosmetology has met all minimum standards for accreditation by The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences.


Accreditation means that a school has met the National Standards of Education Performance which have been established by an impartial Non-Governmental agency. Through the years accreditation of schools has been the most authoritative and reliable index of school’s concern for integrity towards its students and quality education.


A school becomes accredited by formal action of the commission. It bases its action on information submitted by the school and the reports of a specially appointed inspection team, which has visited the school and evaluated it according to established standards.

The Academy of Cosmetology, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, or national or ethnic origin.

The Academy of Cosmetology, Inc. was established in 1983 and is currently owned and operated by Charity and Rod McCullough. 
The Academy of Cosmetology, Inc. has been Montana licensed and bonded with the Montana State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists since 1983.
The Licensing Board is located in Helena, Montana.PO Box 200513, Helena, Montana 59620-0513. (406)
To file a complaint against the school:
The Academy of Cosmetology, Inc. has been accredited since 1989 by NACCAS (National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences),
3015 Colvin St.| Alexandria, VA 22314. (703) 600-7600 
To file a complaint against the school:

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2021 Campus Security Info
2022 Annual Security Report


“Educators enjoy sharing the knowledge they have obtained through hard work and experience.

They deserve admiration and respect”


Ms. Tara
Licensed Lead Educator
Administrative Reports

"I graduated from the Academy of Cosmetology in 2013 and went on to be a Salon Owner after booth renting in Livingston. I joined the team at the academy in 2014 as an administrative assistant, then in 2017 became a Licensed Educator."


Charity McCullough
Licensed Educator

“I have been licensed in the Cosmetology Industry since 2005. I bring to the Academy of Cosmetology new styles of teaching and learning for the students. I believe learning needs to be fun with structure for proper education.”


Miss Erika
Licensed Educator


Erika is fantastic at her job and then some! She graduated from the school in January 2017, got her Cosmetology License, and works part-time in a salon as well as part-time at the school. She is bubbly, vivacious, and has a contagious laugh that makes you want to laugh right along with her!


Ms. Finale
Licensed Educator

Finale owns her salon suite and works part-time at the school educating students. She is a charismatic, knowledgeable, positive person that you would love to have around at all times!


Miss Maddy
Licensed Educator


Miss Tavia
Licensed Educator

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