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Course Descriptions


95 Hours


to include:

Manicures (including water, oil, hand and arm massage,

     paraffin wax treatments, and polish)

Pedicures (including foot, ankle, and lower leg massage,

     paraffin wax treatments, and polish)

Application of artificial nails (including sculptured, nail tips,

     nail wraps, fills, repairs, tip overlays, fiberglass, gel, and acrylic)

The use of manicuring implements including the electric nail file

110 Hours


to include:

Skincare (including facials, cosmetics, makeup, massage, and essential oils)

Skin exfoliation (including manual, chemical, and mechanical exfoliation)

Waxing and tweezing

Electricity and light therapy

Facial Treatment
Hair Salon

195 Hours

Hair Styling

to include:

Shampoo (including scalp treatment)

Pin curls, finger waving, thermal curling,

blow dry styling, braiding, backcombing, and wet styling

155 Hours

Hair Cutting

to include:

Proper use of implements, i.e. shears, razors,

clippers, thinning shears, etc

Hair Dying

395 Hours

Chemical Services

to include:

Hair Color, hair lightening, perming, and relaxing

(ammonium thioglycolate, sodium hydroxide methods)

115 Hours

Salon Management

to include:

Business methods, customer service,

appointment book, professional ethics,

and current state board laws and rules.

Getting a Haircut
Sanitizing Surfaces

60 Hours

Chemistry, Bacteriology, Sanitation, First Aid Disease Disorder 

to include:

Safety, sterilization, anatomy, physiology,

blood spill procedure, diseases, and disorders

of hair, scalp, skin, and nails.

375 Hours

Instructors Discretion

Shall be at the discretion of the school,

provided that the hours are within the

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

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