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The Academy of Cosmetology does not guarantee employment for graduates; assistance in finding employment is provided by posting job openings and career opportunities. Students receive training in professionalism and job search skills including how to write a resume, complete employment applications, and prepare for a job interview.


The curriculum places emphasis on how to obtain and retain employment after graduation. Graduates are encouraged to maintain contact with the school and to follow up with the school on their current employment or employment needs. The school maintains a network of relationships with professionals and employers who provide information and tours of their salons for students. Job referrals are made known to interested graduates.


Physical demands of the Cosmetology field require standing for extended periods of time

with the use of shoulders, arms, and hands.

Your primary implements are shears, comb/brushes, razors, and blow dryers.

Manicuring requires that you are seated for extended periods of time,

with the use of nail files, artificial nail products, and polishes. 

Safety and hygiene are stressed in all aspects of both courses.

The school is inspected regularly by the Montana State Board of Cosmetology.

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